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El Secreto de Candela is a project filled with quality, design and dedication in the form of a wine bottle accompanied by the taste of the best from Salnés. A dream come true, creating a traditional, rounded and full bodied Albariño. So refreshing, so flavourful that it lures you to have a second glass… and possibly a third.

A wine that puts a smile on your face due to its striking yet simple, modern and fresh design created by the designer Marta Lojo. That is until you try what’s within, which is even better. The promoter of this project is a true lover of the quality wines, who had achieved his dream of being able to buy his own wine from a supermarket. He succeeded by selecting only the best grapevines, more than 20 years old, then proceeded with essential and exhaust follow-ups of the vineyards and crop techniques to ensure that he had excellent grapes from a range of growers in O Salnés. His pure dedication to using only the most efficient and modern elaboration techniques meant that he always kept his eye on prize: a traditional and high quality Albariño wine.

We find ourselves with a bottle of Albariño. The hints of citrus, herbal and floral notes do not go unnoticed as a sip flows unctuously into your mouth, reminding you of stone fruits and aromatic plants. The pairing of the home-grown flavourful Salnés grapes along with the modern design leaves us with a product capitalised as THE ALBARIÑO that everyone talks about. Wine is an illusion and El Secreto de Candela is the result of knowledge, hard work and the deep passion from a wine lover who invites us all to toast in order to discover its secret. So how about you? Dare you try to discover it?

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D.O. Rías Baixas

El Secreto de Candela is part of the Denominación de Origen Rías Baixas, a small, yet breath-taking winegrowing valley in the south of Galicia. A paradise marked by the direct proximity to Ría de Arousa; its Atlantic character, salinity and peculiar mineralization of soils serves as the base of this authentic and unique wine.

There are many different and diverse theories about the history of wine from O Salnés but the most widespread story depicts that the Cluny Monks took the Albariño grapes to Armenteira’s monastery during the Twelfth century. From there, its cultivation was extended to the rest of Galicia and the north of Portugal. This theory is now considered as a mere legend since it is a well-known fact that the Albariño wine is of autochthonous variety from the south of Galicia. We are more inclined to believe another popular legend within the area, contrary to the one aforementioned, that states: the foreigners discovered our vine shaped treasure and exported it to the rest of Europe, something that proves to be a logical but undetermined explanation.

The designation of origin Rías Baixas consists of 5 different subzones, all perfectly individualised: the Salnés Valley, where we belong, Tea County, Soutomaior, Ribeira de Ulla and O Rosal. As a covered brand by the Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Rías Baixas, we offer customer guarantees regarding quality and the origins of our wine. However, we also offer a traditional wine, faithful to our homeland, our seas and the fruits of our centenarian grapevines. The end result? An Albariño with no frills, no additives and nothing other element that does not contribute to the true origins of the wine. A wine that is honest and full of the renowned flavour from Salnés, wrapped up in a bottle.

Enjoy it!

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